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I have updated the AQA and OCR A Biological Molecules notes to include everything from the specifications and improve them further. They are available for free here, but you are able to support me financially on buymeacoffee.com. If you find my notes and articles valuable, a small one-off contribution will allow me to continue spending time making them.

I am currently fully booked for online tuition, but get in touch to be put on the waiting list as slots may come up through the year.

Latest Posts

Producing DNA Fragments – Gene Technologies Ep 1
This article begins a new series about gene technologies. Many gene technologies, especially recombinant DNA technologies, begin with the need to isolate or make DNA fragments. We will look at …
Control of Blood Water Potential – Homeostasis Ep 6
In the first article about the kidneys, we learnt how blood is filtered and substances are reabsorbed in the Bowman's capsule and the proximal convoluted tubule. Today we will focus …
Ultrafiltration and Selective Reabsorption in The Kidneys – Homeostasis Ep 5
The kidneys are important organs for maintaining blood water potential and excreting waste products from the blood. In this article, we will look at the structure of the kidneys and …
Diabetes Mellitus – Homeostasis Ep 4
In the last article we looked at how the body uses negative feedback mechanisms to control the concentration of glucose in the blood. Diabetes mellitus is a condition where these …

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