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There is a brand new pack of A-Level biology revision notes available to download – just head over to the revision notes page! They are available for free, but you are now able to support me financially on buymeacoffee.com. If you find my notes and articles valuable, a small one-off contribution will allow me to continue spending time making them.

I am currently fully booked for tuition in September 2021, but get in touch to be put on the waiting list as slots may come up through the year.

Latest Posts

Genetic Diversity – Variation and Biodiversity Ep 2
Genetic diversity is defined as the number of different alleles of genes in a population. Last week we looked at one method of introducing new alleles into a population – …
Mutations – Variation and Biodiversity Ep 1
There is a huge variety of life on this planet. In this series we will look at how all that variation exists, from the DNA level to the population level. …
Synapses – Nervous Communication Ep 5
We know that nerve impulses are carried along neurones in a wave of depolarisation. But how does a nerve impulse get transmitted from one neurone to the next? Well, that …
Wave of Depolarisation – Nervous Communication Ep 4
Last time we looked at an action potential happening in a section of a neurone cell membrane. The membrane was depolarised and repolarised. However, that depolarisation must travel along the …

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