Zoë has been a brilliant help throughout my A-Level journey. She is always encouraging and does her best to explain things in a way I can understand. I went from struggling to understand anything in my first year and getting E’s in tests to coming out with a C at the end of my second year! I couldn’t be more pleased! I have no doubt that that was down to the time Zoë spent helping me, I couldn’t have done it without her.

A-Level biology student (Edexcel Salters-Nuffield)

Zoë has given me amazing help with A-Level chemistry! I really appreciated the versatility of going through my areas of concern via notes or exam questions. Zoë made the tutorials really enjoyable and the resources were great for my revision. I would definitely recommend!

A-Level chemistry summer student (AQA)

Zoë has been of great help throughout my A-level journey in both chemistry and biology. She explains everything thoroughly and makes sure you understand it all before moving on. She also makes sure exam practice is never forgotten! The resources from each session were amazing to refer back to during revision. The positive changes in my grades were definitely linked to all the help from Zoë.

A-Level chemistry and biology student (OCR A)

Zoë’s weekly contract is reliable, pertinent and very useful. Our daughter has had the privilege and benefit of support throughout GCSE and A-level. The weekly 1 : 1 is planned between Zoë and her student for maximum, individualized benefit and confidence boost. Communication is easy and polite with quick responses from Zoë to discuss times, session content or planning ahead. A huge thank you Zoë for all your help.

Parent of an A-Level biology and chemistry student (OCR A)

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