The SER, Vacuole, and Centriole – Cell Organelles Ep 6

We have come to the end of our cell organelle series! Today we are going to be looking at the remaining organelles in the A-Level syllabus which don't need covering in as much depth. Some syllabuses also need a little information about cilia, eukaryotic flagella and amyloplasts, so make sure to revise those too if... Continue Reading →

Chloroplasts – Cell Organelles Ep 4

So far, all the organelles we have looked at (the nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes and RER) are found in both animal and plant cells. Today's organelle, the chloroplasts, are only found in plant cells and some eukaryotic algae. Their main function is to carry out photosynthesis - the reaction that uses light energy to make glucose... Continue Reading →

The Nucleus – Cell Organelles Ep 1

Cell organelles, or subcellular structures, are specialised to carry out certain functions. The main function of the nucleus is to contain the genetic material (DNA) of the cell. And where better to begin A-Level biology revision than at the information centre of the cell. The Nucleus The nucleus (plural nuclei) is often drawn as a... Continue Reading →

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