Epistasis – Inheritance Ep 5

Epistasis is when the expression of an allele of one gene masks the expression of the alleles of another. The genes must code for the same characteristic in order for this to work. Let's use flower colour as an example. Epistasis example: flower colour In the diagram below, the flower pigment molecule begins as white.... Continue Reading →

Dihybrid Inheritance – Inheritance Ep 3

Dihybrid inheritance looks at the possibilities of two characteristics being inherited together. Each characteristic is coded for by a separate gene. In this case it is much easier to use a Punnett square to work out the possible genotypes of the offspring as a genetic diagram would get very messy and difficult to read. In... Continue Reading →

Monohybrid Inheritance – Inheritance Ep 1

A diploid organism (e.g. a human) has two alleles for each gene in their chromosomes. Alleles are alternative forms of a gene, so an organism could have two of the same allele (homozygous) or two different alleles (heterozygous). The alleles an organism has (the genotype) will determine what characteristics it has (the phenotype). There is... Continue Reading →

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