Antibodies – Immunity Ep 4

Antibodies are very important proteins in the immune response. We've already mentioned them a lot in the last few articles but today we will take a detailed look at their structure and function, and how they can be used in medical applications. Antibody structure Antibodies are proteins with a quaternary structure. They have two longer... Continue Reading →

Developing Immunity – Immunity Ep 2

In the last article we looked at how the immune system responds to a pathogen which is encountered for the first time. This is the primary response. However, if the same pathogen enters the body again in the future, the immune system is able to deal with it more quickly because it is prepared. In … Read more

The Immune Response – Immunity Ep 1

Sometimes the body comes under attack from pathogens (microorganisms that can cause disease). If pathogens get into our body, it is down to our immune system to spring into action and destroy them. In this article we will be looking at how foreign antigens trigger our immune response, and how that results in the pathogens … Read more

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