Phosphocreatine and ATP – Muscles Ep 3

Muscle contraction requires a large amount of energy, meaning that a constant source of ATP is needed. In this article we will look at the three sources of ATP which muscle fibre cells can use. Phosphocreatine ATP has to be made by adding a phosphate group (Pi) to ADP. In the ATP-phosphocreatine system, the phosphate … Read more

Anaerobic Respiration and RQs – Respiration Ep 4

Anaerobic respiration happens when there isn't enough oxygen present for aerobic respiration to continue. Different types of organism use different pathways - lactate fermentation or alcoholic fermentation. For both pathways, the amount of ATP produced is much lower than in aerobic respiration because the only ATP produced comes from glycolysis (2ATP per glucose molecule). You … Read more

Glycolysis and The Link Reaction – Respiration Ep 1

In this series we are going to be looking at respiration. This is the process that releases energy from glucose to produce ATP. In the first few articles we'll be focusing on aerobic respiration (which uses oxygen) and then we will cover anaerobic respiration (which doesn't use oxygen) in the last article. Aerobic Respiration Equation … Read more

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