Haemoglobin – Exchange and Transport Ep 12

In the last article I mentioned that red blood cells contain a protein called haemoglobin. In simple terms, the haemoglobin protein binds to oxygen and carries it around the body. As with most of biology there's a bit more to it than that, so here we will look at how this process works in more … Read more

Inorganic Ions – Biological Molecules Ep 10

The first important thing to note is that not all ions are molecules. A molecule is two or more atoms bound together, and many ions that have important functions in the body are just single atoms that have gained or lost electrons and have an electric charge. But they come under the biological molecules topic … Read more

Proteins – Biological Molecules Ep 9

We've already looked at the monomers that make up a protein: amino acids. But fully functioning 3D proteins are much more complex in structure than a simple polypeptide chain. Today we will look at the different levels of structure in proteins and some specific examples. Levels of protein structure So let's start with a quick … Read more

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