Autosomal Linkage and Sex Linkage – Inheritance Ep 4

Autosomal linkage and sex linkage are two cases where inheritance is very dependent on which chromosome the genes are found on. This is definitely the most difficult concept to get your head around for this topic for A-Level biology - make sure to have a good understanding of meiosis before you start. Autosomal Linkage Autosomes … Read more

Monohybrid Inheritance – Inheritance Ep 1

A diploid organism (e.g. a human) has two alleles for each gene in their chromosomes. Alleles are alternative forms of a gene, so an organism could have two of the same allele (homozygous) or two different alleles (heterozygous). The alleles an organism has (the genotype) will determine what characteristics it has (the phenotype). There is … Read more

Meiosis – Cell Division Ep 4

Meiosis is a little more complicated than mitosis, and has a different outcome. Meiosis is a method of cell division which only happens in the reproductive organs of organisms which reproduce by sexual reproduction. It produces genetically different gametes with half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell. These gametes (the egg cells and … Read more

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