Synapses – Nervous Communication Ep 5

We know that nerve impulses are carried along neurones in a wave of depolarisation. But how does a nerve impulse get transmitted from one neurone to the next? Well, that is where synapses come in. Structure of synapses Synapses are the microscopic gaps between neurones. The neurone before the synapse is called the presynaptic neurone, … Read more

Wave of Depolarisation – Nervous Communication Ep 4

Last time we looked at an action potential happening in a section of a neurone cell membrane. The membrane was depolarised and repolarised. However, that depolarisation must travel along the whole length of a neurone in the right direction. Today we will look at how an action potential travels in a wave of depolarisation. The … Read more

Action Potential – Nervous Communication Ep 3

In the last article we learnt that neurone cell membranes are polarised at rest (when they are not being stimulated). However, when a stimulus is detected a nerve impulse must be sent along the neurone. Today we will look at the sequence of events that happens during an action potential and how ion channels bring … Read more

Receptors – Nervous Communication Ep 1

Today we are beginning a new series about nervous communication (the type that happens in animals, not making a speech in front of the class). We will cover the nervous system in a lot of detail over the next few articles, but today we are going to start by looking at receptors. What are receptors? … Read more

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